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After picking up his first instrument at the age of six, Evan Khay has been pursuing his passion for music ever since. EVAN KHAY, has created a niche for himself locally and nationally. Before the Honolulu-born artist graduated high school in 2014, Evan became a multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer and songwriter. He began performing professionally in 2014 and has since grown to become a critically-acclaimed singer, songwriter, performer and producer.

In recent years, Evan has begun collaborating with film and television companies to produce original music for national television shows like The CW’s “Legacies”. In between touring the Continental United States and internationally with artists like DeAndre BrackensickIzik, and Kimié Miner, Evan continues to share his unique guitar-driven style across various public and private venues across O‘ahu. Evan’s desire to blend his different tastes in music genres together has given him a unique sound that showcases his ambitions as an artist. Although Evan loves performing at local venues, he is most passionate about performing, writing, composing and recording his original music.
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